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Rainbow’s vision is to be at the heart of every meal

Rainbow is a fully integrated broiler producer, leading the industry in all stages of chicken production from farm to fork. We are involved in every step of the process delivering fresh, frozen and further processed chicken of superior quality.

It starts with feeding and rearing our birds. With more than 100 years of experience and an unwavering commitment to taking exceptional care of our chickens, we have developed scientifically formulated, high-quality animal feed. That’s why Epol is the first choice in animal feed for South African farmers.

Today, Rainbow has more than 100 farms, 3 processing plants and 2 further processing plants across KZN, Inland and the Western Cape, making Rainbow the leading chicken producer in South Africa.

Our brands are the staple ingredient of delicious meals across the nation and it is our vision to be at the heart of every meal!

Our Mission

Rainbow wants to deliver great-tasting, quality chicken to every table in South Africa! We want to feed families, empower local communities and ultimately nourish the nation.

And we want to do it in a sustainable way that supports the environment.

Full bellies and full hearts.

That’s the Rainbow way.

RAINBOW Chicken Strips

Our History

In 1960, Stanley Methven founded RAINBOW on his father’s farm. According to legend, while walking on the farm, he saw a rainbow at a waterfall and knew exactly what to call his small business. But he wasn’t picturing a pot of gold; he was picturing pots of hot Isishebo feeding families!

Stanley started selling RAINBOW’s chicken from a stall in central Durban, and demand quickly grew, leading to the establishment of the first processing plant in Hammarsdale in 1963.

RAINBOW’s goal has always been to feed families, care for communities, and nourish the nation. We are still keeping Stanley’s promise today, more than 60 years later as one of South Africa’s largest poultry producers.

Continued Innovation

Demand for Stanley’s chicken grew rapidly, and Rainbow expanded enormously, opening three processing plants within 16 years. A major highlight was winning the KFC tender in 1984.

Continued innovation saw a new R20M feed plant commissioned in 1992 and a R159M value-added plant in 2006. We were able to weather the challenges of the chicken dumping crisis, bird flu, listeriosis and covid 19 – and now we are ready for a new chapter.

Our obsession with the quality of our birds continues! Our aim is to maintain the highest level of food safety at every one of our farms and product sites, whilst treating our chickens with absolute care. 

Today, Rainbow is a fully integrated broiler producer that breeds and rears livestock on Epol Feed. We process, distribute, and market fresh, frozen, value-added, and further-processed chicken of superior quality.

Delicious RAINBOW Chicken meal
Rainbow Simply Chicken Crumbed fried chicken drumsticks


Rainbow was founded by Stanley Methven


First processing plant commissioned at Hammersdale


Second processing plant commissioned in Hammersdale


Vereeniging Milling Company (VMC) was renamed Epol (Pty) Ltd and was fully affiliated to Premier Milling Company


Third Processing Plant was commissioned in Worcester


Won the Tender with KFC


Fourth processing plant commissioned in Rustenburg


Expansion into sustainable quality chicken feed with R20M plant


Rainbow Chicken Farms acquired a 50% share in Epol (Pty) Ltd with management control


Epol became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rainbow Farms


Epol became a division of Rainbow Farms (Pty) Ltd


Ground-breaking growth with 66 new Rainbow products launched in 3 new markets


Rainbow acquires Wolwehoek further processing plant


Foodcorp, one of South Africa’s largest food producers, was acquired. The company name changed from Rainbow Chicken Limited to RCL FOODS limited


Driehoek Feeds was acquired


Transition of Rainbow to a standalone business announced


Rainbow head office re-opens at Hammarsdale P2 plant, and the Rainbow Centurion head office opens

Rainbow Simply Chicken burgers
Locations of RAINBOW across South Africa

Our Values

We bring our mission to life by weaving the following 5 values into everything we do at RAINBOW.

Rainbow Chicken Values
Rainbow Chicken Values


martinus stander
"How you do anything, is how you do everything"
Marthinus Stander
Managing Director
Wouter De Wet
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."
Wouter De Wet
Operations Director
Barney Khumalo
"It always seems impossible until it’s done" - Nelson Mandela
Barney Khumalo
Human Resources Director
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes
Added Value Business Unit Director
Tarryn Fowler
"None of us is as smart as all of us" - Ken Blanchard
Tarryn Fowler
Head of Marketing
Claire Mundell
"Make everyday count!"
Claire Mundell
Head of Technical
Remmert van Rijswijk
"Keep it Simple!!"
Remmert van Rijswijk
Regional Director: Inland
Mooketsi Ncube
"You should never be too busy to listen because it’s the ultimate form of respect anyone can give to another human being"
Mooketsi Ncube
Regional Director: KZN
Anton Geustyn
"It always seems impossible until it’s done"
Anton Geustyn
Regional Director: Cape
Mbusi Dlamini
"Striving for Excellence."
Mbusi Dlamini
Breed and Agriculture Director
Anina Hunter
"Be passionate in everything you do, look for improvement opportunities and implement with commitment and enthusiasm."
Anina Hunter
Feed Director
Gavin Rich
"Faith. Family. Business. In that order. Success without Integrity is meaningless."
Gavin Rich
Head of Treasury and Procurement
Kerry Van der Merwe
"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up" Nelson Mandela
Kerry Van der Merwe
Financial Director
Keegan Reddy
“Do what’s difficult now so you can enjoy what’s world-class later” Robin Sharma
Keegan Reddy
Sales Director